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Wayne Sweepers, LLC Awarded City of Chicago Bid for 20 Sweepers

October 19, 2009

Cedar Falls, Iowa – Wayne Sweepers, LLC was awarded a contract to provide up to 20 street sweepers to the City of Chicago. The award will be phased in over the next three years and was issued for Wayne’s Gladiator© mechanical street sweeper.

Wayne Sweepers beat out several industry heavy-weights during Chicago’s bidding process, including local manufacturer Elgin. Commenting on the recent news, company President/CEO Kevin Watje stated, “We are very excited about this honor. Chicago has very rigorous quality standards and is a very difficult city to get into, so this speaks volumes about our products.”

R.G. Smith Equipment Company, Wayne’s dealer in Illinois, helped facilitate the bidding process and will provide warranty and service work for the Gladiator fleet. The first two units are scheduled to be delivered this October.

Wayne Sweepers is approaching its two year anniversary since its formation as a subsidiary of Wayne Industrial Holdings, LLC. Wayne Sweepers is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Contact information:
Kevin Watje, CEO 319-266-1721
ext. 320


Robotic Welder Added, More Expected

April 1, 2008

Wayne Engineering continues to upgrade its plant; ensuring it remains state-of-the-art. Its recent addition, a Panasonic PA212S work cell featuring the TA-1600 robotic welder, just arrived and will begin aiding the production process very soon. The new welder will be utilized in the production of Curbtender Arms. The robot is incredibly accurate and should prove to be an important asset to the already industry-best Curbtender line.

The new Panasonic robot is expected to be the first in a series of state-of-art additions to the manufacturing facility. Prospective equipment includes: an automated laser cutter that can operate for days without human interaction, as well as similar robotic welding machines.

The new equipment is not made to replace employees, but rather to assist them as the Wayne order banks continue to break record highs.

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