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Los Alamos County takes delivery of first hydraulic hybrid garbage truck

October 25, 2010

LOS ALAMOS, NM, August 17, 2010 – Officials of Los Alamos County today announced the delivery of their first hydraulic hybrid refuse truck – a Peterbilt Model 320 equipped with the Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist system. The truck is the first hydraulic hybrid vehicle technology to be operated in the state of New Mexico. The truck is also equipped with a Wayne Curbtender residential automated side loader and will be used in daily residential refuse pick-up operations.

According to information from the manufacturers, the new Model 320 Hybrid with Eaton HLA can save more than 1,000 gallons of fuel per year, reduce emissions by up to 20% and can extend brake life by up to 300%. The HLA System captures the trucks’ kinetic energy during braking to assist in launching and accelerating the vehicle. The technology works by recovering up to 75% of the energy normally lost as heat by the vehicle’s brakes in the form of pressurized hydraulic fluid.

Eaton’s Hydraulic Launch Assist technology has also been featured on other Peterbilt Model 320 chassis with Wayne Curbtender automated side loaders in Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. Hydraulic Hybrid refuse trucks are ideally suited for the stop and go applications of Los Alamos County daily residential refuse pickup.

A two day intensive training and certification class was also held in conjunction with the truck delivery. Representatives from virtually every manufacturer that provides systems or components on the truck – Peterbilt Motors Company, Rush Truck Centers, Eaton Corporation, Allison Transmissions, Cummins Inc, Wayne Engineering, and Clark Truck Equipment conducted training for management, technicians and drivers of Los Alamos County that will be working with the truck.

2010 Wayne Curbtender with Peterbilt HLA


Wayne’s Economic Stimulus Act

February 4, 2009

Wayne kicks off 2009 with its own Economic Stimulus Act – reducing prices across the board on all rear loaders and small-to-mid sized side loaders.

Effective immediately in 2009, Wayne has rolled back pricing on refuse bodies. How can we do this when others can’t or won’t? It’s only possible thanks to our continued commitment to being the best value in the industry.

Many factors allow us to deliver these cost savings at this critical time:

  1. Steel prices have dropped – for now. We’ve taken immediate advantage of these lower costs to pass the savings on to you.
  2. Wayne’s latest plant expansion is now producing greater manufacturing efficiencies. Plus, our robotic welding operation is now fully online. By reducing manufacturing costs, we can reduce production costs – more savings we can pass on to you.
  3. Engineering improvements continue to enhance model performance and streamline manufacturing. Here again, our improved productivity is producing real savings that will lower unit costs even more.
  4. Our commitment to producing value is still number one. By diligently melding advanced engineering with sate-of-the-art manufacturing, we continue to build quality products that we can offer at a fair price.

Expecting to purchase in 2009? Get your orders in now to lock in this outstanding pricing. Talk to a Wayne refuse specialist today.

In addition, Wayne is offering the Golden Partnership program to any municipality needing multiple units. This program seeks to reward municipal partners with special incentives and service offerings based on both immediate and future commitments. It’s the perfect plan for managing costs while improving waste collection productivity.

Discover the great values that wait for you now from Wayne.


Fiscal Year Ends With New Record

September 17, 2008

July 31st marked the end of the fiscal year for Wayne Engineering. A record increase in sales and operating revenue was achieved despite massive flooding near our facility, a downturn in the economy, increased steel prices, and financial crisis faced by our chassis suppliers.

Wayne proved its financial strength and strategic abilities by “weathering the storms.” Indeed, there were multiple storms and it seemed like they kept coming one after another. Yet, Wayne Engineering fared very favorably through it all.

Many other leading refuse truck manufacturers have faced similar trials this summer. However, not all came out as strong. The larger publicly held companies, for example, have seen their stock prices plummet dramatically within a one year period. Meanwhile, others have reported substantial layoffs in response to external conditions.

This proves to be a considerable contrast to the strong financial health of Wayne Engineering. In fact, since being purchased from bankruptcy courts in December 2006 by WIH, Wayne has posted 21 consecutive profitable months. Not once has it posted a loss since its purchase.

Kevin Watje (President/CEO) attributes the success to, “a strong focus on lean manufacturing principles coupled with an excellent sales and service staff. The markets continue to prove our engineering excellence and the superiority of our Curbtender automated side loader line.”

Watje has high hopes for an even stronger performance in the 08-09 fiscal year. “We have exciting plans that will set us up for another record year. A new product line will be launched shortly that is going to revolutionize the refuse industry. It’s going to be exciting!”

***Wayne Engineering is owned by Wayne Industrial Holdings, LLC***

Wayne Engineering begins partnership with DuPont

June 27, 2008

Wayne Engineering announced this week that it will be partnering with DuPont Factory Direct for all its paint and body finishes. The new partnership will provide increased product quality through state-of-the-art training, paint technology, and upgraded equipment.

Doug Halbur comments that “I think this will be a great relationship for our company. DuPont will help advance the skills of our paint technicians by providing top gun certifications. Additionally, DuPont will provide continued process and technology improvements. The bottom line is that this new relationship will provide exceptional quality and service for our customers.”

The decision to begin this new relationship was driven by the superior quality of the DuPont product, increased product information, and added interface capabilities gained by state-of-the-art software. Wayne is very excited about this decision and its benefit for our customers.

May Sees Record Month at Wayne

June 25, 2008

May was an exciting and busy time at Wayne Engineering’s manufacturing facility. An unprecedented record amount of refuse trucks were produced, sold and invoiced for the month of May. This breaks the previous record for both the “new” Wayne (new ownership by Wayne Industrial Holdings), as well as the “old” Wayne (old ownership, pre Dec. 2006). This feat was accomplished by Wayne’s 75 plant employees, all of whom worked very hard to achieve this historic milestone.

Chief of Operations, Doug Halbur, comments that key factors contributing to the success are “surrounding ourselves with good supervisors and empowering our employees to be engaged in the process.”

Engaged they were. Thanks to their diligent efforts, the plant employees were awarded profit share dividends in recognition of the amount of goods produced and shipped out of the doors. The profit share program was created as an incentive plan by CEO Kevin Watje in early 2007. The program was proposed by Watje during the 2007 union negotiations and was happily received by the negotiators.

Although this is only the second time the production level required for profit sharing was reached this year, Watje is optimistic about the incentive program’s future. “Our efficiency is growing each month. We are applying lean manufacturing techniques and the employees are beginning to adopt this new mentality. I am confident that from the increased capacity of our plant, lean manufacturing training programs, state-of-the-art equipment, and hard work of our employees, they will begin to see dividends on a regular basis.”

The training programs Watje refers to were mandatory lean manufacturing sessions conducted at Hawkeye Community College. All plant and office employees were required to receive the training. The programs focused on reducing waste and work clutter, effective communication, and efficient work methods. Supervisors and production managers were then required to undergo further and more in-depth training. Since then, noticeable changes have been felt at the facility.

All are excited and anxious for the coming months as preparations are being made to fulfill the record amount of sales that continue to pour in.