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Factory Re-Certified Centurions© Available

July 21, 2008

Five Centurion© demo units will soon undergo a thorough inspection and updating process by Wayne Sweepers, LLC. These units will receive new brooms, brushes, mechanical parts, shrouds, and paint, as well as a comprehensive mechanical inspection. Once the process is completed, the sweepers will be available as rental units.

The Centurion© rental units will precede new Wayne Centurion© production units. This provides customers a great opportunity to “try it before you buy it.” Aside from a few improvements, the new production Centurions© will be very similar to the units produced under the Tennant© label. This means you can expect the same high quality and consistent performance from the Wayne Centurion© as from the Tennant Centurion©.

If you have any questions about obtaining a Centurion© Rental unit, please call 319.266.1721 or email


Meet the New Centurion©

July 8, 2008

Below is a recent advertisement, introducing the all-new Centurion from Wayne Sweepers.

Centurion Ad