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2008 Waste Expo Just Around the Corner

April 30, 2008

Well, it is that time of the year again. Last minute changes and finishing touches are being applied to all our trucks as they go out the door. It always proves to be a very exciting time here at the plant as we try to beat the clock and create a great show booth.

Last year at the Waste Expo, Wayne Engineering introduced its all new Titan and Phoenix lines. The Titan front loader has been tweaked and refined since then and is now entering full production. Meanwhile, the Phoenix rear loader has been making headway in the market. It has been very exciting to go through the shop and always see a handful of Phoenix trucks rolling off the production line.

This year we have some new surprises that we think you will enjoy. In our booth, we will be featuring an AutoCat mounted on a Hino and a Phoenix mounted on a Sterling. The AutoCat is being introduced with an all-new arm design and the Phoenix will be featuring an integration of the Arlock system. Also, look for our blue TomCat in the Isuzu booth and our 31 YD Curbtender in the Condor booth.

We look forward to seeing all of our dealers, customers, venders, and heck… even our competitors at this year’s show! Make sure to stop by our booth (#3803) and talk to us. Travel safely and enjoy the show!


Wayne Engineering


City of Cedar Falls Awards Wayne Engineering

April 17, 2008

The City of Cedar Falls, IA, has announced that it will be awarding Wayne Engineering with the Small Business Investment of the Year Award. The award is in recognition of Wayne’s entrance into the street sweeper market as well as its large plant expansion. Residents of the Cedar Valley are very excited about the growth that Wayne is experiencing.

Company representative Brad Squires, CFO, will be accepting the award at the Business & Industry Appreciation Awards Luncheon on May 7th, 2008. The luncheon is presented by the City of Cedar Falls, Cedar Falls Utilities, and hosted by the University of Northern Iowa. Nine businesses and one individual will be honored at the event for their continued interest and investment in the City of Cedar Falls.

Wayne Engineering

Curbtender Awards Continue to Increase

April 4, 2008

Curbtender sales for this year have been very strong. This is thanks to the confidence that many municipalities continue to have in our product. Thanks to the customer, the Curbtender continues to be proven an industry best automated side loader. Below are recent Curbtender orders:

  • City of Phoenix – 96 units
  • City of Toronto – 35 units
  • Turtle Island Disposal – 22 units
  • City of Sacramento – 15 units
  • City of Albuquerque – 12 units
  • City of Yuma – 9 units
  • City of Clearwater – 3 units
  • City of Cedar Falls – 3 units
  • City of Glendive – 2 units
    • Total Recent Orders: 197 Curbtenders

With the order banks for the 2008 year continuing to grow, it is proving to be an exciting year for Wayne Engineering. Thank you everyone for your business and support.

Wayne Engineering

Robotic Welder Added, More Expected

April 1, 2008

Wayne Engineering continues to upgrade its plant; ensuring it remains state-of-the-art. Its recent addition, a Panasonic PA212S work cell featuring the TA-1600 robotic welder, just arrived and will begin aiding the production process very soon. The new welder will be utilized in the production of Curbtender Arms. The robot is incredibly accurate and should prove to be an important asset to the already industry-best Curbtender line.

The new Panasonic robot is expected to be the first in a series of state-of-art additions to the manufacturing facility. Prospective equipment includes: an automated laser cutter that can operate for days without human interaction, as well as similar robotic welding machines.

The new equipment is not made to replace employees, but rather to assist them as the Wayne order banks continue to break record highs.

Go to to view Panasonic’s industrial solutions.

Panasonic Robotic Welder

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